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McLanahan offers a wide selection of Impact Crushers for quarried limestone and semi-abrasive minerals. McLanahan draws from the 75 years of field experience with the Universal line of Impactors, which includes impact breakers and Andreas-style impactors. At present, we offer the New Holland-style primary impact breaker and the MaxCap X-Series Primary, providing a means to reduce quarry shot and ROM materials at rates exceeding 2,000 tph. We also offer VersaCap P-Series Impactors for heightened portability as a primary crusher. The VersaCap R-Series is also designed to accept large top size in highly friable materials, and will allow for single crusher reduction to 1-1/2” minus product. In the case of limestone and similar materials, we offer the NGS Impact Crusher as a secondary impactor, which is capable of producing construction grade aggregates or minerals of like size. These five lines of horizontal shaft impactors are available in multiple sizes to provide us the ability to offer the most appropriate crusher for your specific application. 

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ISO 7089 - (~ DIN 125A) Washers without chamfer Steel 300HV hot dip galvanized d1 For screws d2 h 8,4 m 8 16 1,6 10,5 m10 20 2 13 m12 24 2,5 15 m14 28 2,5 17 m16 30 3 19 m18 34 3 21 m20 37 3 23 m22 39 3 25 m24 44 4 28 m27 50 4 31 m30 56 4 34 m33 60 5 37 m36 66 5 These are our recommended guidelines only Specifications Property class 300 HV ...

Nuts and Washers ISO 7089-8-200HV-A2J, ISO7089-8-200HV-A4

ISO 7089-8-200HV-A2J, ISO7089-8.4-300HV-ZY, ISO7089-A15-1.0330K60, ISO7089-A6.4-140HV-A4 BLACKENED, ISO7089-A8.4-200HV-A2L, ISO7089-M4.3-A2, ISO7089-M6.4-A4, ISO7089-M8, ISO7089-M8X2, ISO7091-17.5-100HV-A3L. Get a quote and buy Nuts and Washers. Fulfillment operation is ISO certified.

M16 d. 17x30x3 PLAIN 300HV Washers, form A DIN 125A

M16 d. 17x30x3 PLAIN 300HV Washers, form A DIN 125A. Firma Killich s.r.o. offers flat washers DIN 125. The assortment of washers DIN 125 inc ...

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N01621203 WASHER DIN6340-20-300HV-A3E · + Добавить в запрос · N01621203 WASHER DIN6340-20-300HV-A3E · N01621202 WASHER DIN6340-17-300HV-A3E · + Добавить в запрос ...

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Свечи А У-17ДВРМ ЭЗ зазор 1,0 блистер (D-16мм) (комплект 4шт).

DIN 6340 Washers, Heat-Treated Steel

Our Service-Team is available from Monday to Friday from 7:00 until 17:30: +49 7723 6507 - 100. To the customised elements | To the contact persons. DIN 6340-10,5 DIN 6340-8,4 DIN 6340-17 DIN 6340-31 DIN 6340-21 DIN 6340-6,4 DIN 6340-13 DIN 6340-15 DIN 6340-25.

C100 SPRING PIN ISO8752-16X50-ST Sandvik BOTTOM SHELL ASM H2800 double roll crusher professional copper bushing cone crusher spare eccentric wearing plate williams pulverizer​

C100 SPRING GUIDE C100B, C110B Sandvik BOTTOM SHELL ASM H2800 hp300 directional valve 6553-do3-115/df10 br350jg mobile crusher bronze parts manuals d03 hydraulic valve

Part List 7

Part List 7. AIR BREATHER MODEL NO. SF6710, 2000 PSI. KIT 3184087 REP. KIT SB330/400-4 ECO. RETURN FILTER RFM BN/HC 1650 B D 20 E1. FILTER 312573 MFP 160 AGE 10 A 0.0/-B0. CARDAN SHAFT 2040SAE LZ700 LA110- D203. HYDR.

C100 SQUIRR CAGE MOTOR 2.2KW-230/400V-50HZ-1 Sandvik BOTTOM SHELL ASM H2800 metso parts crusher svedala crusher spare inner bushing india metso spare parts

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7001634030 washer spring trep type 4l, bn80595-d30 np1110 0.200: 7001634036 washer elastic bn 80595-36-unplated lt105 0.190: 7001637220 spring 150x81x9,4-nfe25.104 np1315 0.900: 7001638012 washer m12-nfe27.611-a3a-iso4042 hp100 0.100: 7001656010 rivet round head bn 924, 4x7mm, 1366548 lt1620 0.002

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tR = 0°C tR = -18°C t0 = -8°C t0 = -25°C. кBт. 4,5 5,1 7,1 8,1 10,7 15,4 17,9 21,2 24,4 29,3. 040.1-D-3-7 040.1-E-3-7 045.1-D-3-7 045.1-E-3-7 050.1-E-3-7 065.1-C-3-7 065.1-D-3-7 065.1-E-3-7 071.1-D-3-7 071.1-E-3-7 080.1-D-3-7 080.1-E-3-7.

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16-1-121-90-A17-BM6. 01625074. Все размеры в мм. 1:1Maßangabe in Millimeter/. dimensions shown in millimeters Allgemeintoleranz/general tolerances. A3DIN ISO 2768-m.

PDF Марочник стали и сплавов | Germany DIN 17222-79

AFNOR S300Pb S250Pb. 2 - Cold Rolled Steel Sheets/Coil/Strip. Analysis %. Germany DIN 1651-88.

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IVG-85HG50PYA-S. HI3516EV300_85H50AI.


2275353 1 104789.46 125747.35. 3077337 1 35586.46 42703.75. 1135371 1 29625.42 35550.5. 2342917 1 24815.31 29778.37. 1 21489.3 25787.16. 2149398 1 18911.18 22693.42 ...

Parts List 4-Parts List-HO-Casting

n01530194screw hex iso4017-m12x30-8.8-a3ast3560.037n01530197bolt hex iso4014-m12x35-8.8-a3ahp5000.05

parker cone crusher spare parts world widely used pe 300 500 jaw crusher price with spare head ball mobile asphalt plant

All LED/LCD tv t-con EEPROM firmware download

JVC LT-32DA20J T-CON EEPROM FIRMWARE 6 downloads686.53 KB. June 7, 2021. View Details. HV320WXC PYNEIL T-CON EEPROM FIRMWARE 3 downloads7.37 KB. CX315DLEDM T-CON EEPROM FIRMWARE 17 downloads1.69 MB.

PDF DEUTSCHE NORM Warmgewalzte I-Träger Teil 2: I-Träger, IPB-Re

DIN 1025-3. Warmgewalzte I-Träger - Teil 3: Breite I-Träger, leichte Ausführung, IPBl-Reihe; Maße, Masse, statische Werte. © DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung e. V. - Jede Art der Vervielfältigung, auch auszugsweise, nur mit Genehmigung des DIN 320 300. 19 270 1 380 12,1. 1 680 13,0.

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nut | din934-m16-a2-70 5-22h-a2a | din936-m20x1 nut | din1587-m10-6-znphrf 6-6-e2p | din934-m2 4-st | din125-b8 washer | din137-b16-znphr10f washer | din6798-j3.2-phr washer | din137-a10-znphr10f 5-05 | din439-bm18x1 nut | din936-m8x1-05 nut | din985m3-6galcdmt nut | din985-m12x1.5-8-b2c nut | din315-m6-st 2-fst | din6798-v3 washer | din6798 ...

E14399-6 300HV 16 (17x30x4) Skive

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C100 SUPPORT HOLDER C100B 312992 HORIZONTAL Sandvik BOTTOM SHELL ASM H2800 ts300 manifold 4010.2906 n.b Z294 STRIP RUBBER t300 rs gt edition

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LinkSwitch-TN is specically designed to replace all linear and capacitor-fed (cap dropper) non-isolated power supplies in the under 360 mA output current range at equal system cost while offering much higher performance and energy efciency. + Wide Range HV DC Input.

DIN6340 Washer, Heat-Treatable Steel

DIN6340 Washer, Heat-Treatable Steel. These hardened steel washers with many applications are also used for elongated holes in connection with hexagon nuts DIN 6330. Specification. Heat-treatable steel, tempered, hardness (350 + 80) HV 30, phosphate treated, blank, not deburred.

C100 SPRING GUIDE C100B, C110B Sandvik BOLT ON GUSSET SET universal crusher parts hks oil filter review horizontal shaft impact crushers​

List of DIN Standards

Washers medium type, Withdrawn primarily forhexagon bolts. DINENISO7089, DINENISO7090. ISO7089, ISO7090. ... "Brandschacht" tests Firebehaviourof building materialsand elementsPart 17: ... DIN6340. Washersfor clamping Active devices. DIN6738. Paperand paperboard Active Lifespan classes. DIN6776.

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5C:A3:9D:xx:xx:xx D8:6C:E9:xx:xx:xx DC:71:44:xx:xx:xx Samsung SWL 80:1F:02:xx:xx:xx E4:7C:F9:xx:xx:xx Sitecom WLR-6000 00:0C:F6:xx:xx:xx Имена устройств WSC: Sitecom Wireless Gigabit Router TELDAT.

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00-773-497-089 FLOW CONTROL VALVE S/B 17-303-764-507 SG4265 0.910. 00-795-265-025 BREATHER 10935AL, ... N01621202 WASHER DIN6340-17-300HV-A3E LT1620 0.064.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am trying to reduce my fines in a limestone quarry, should I use a Jaw Crusher instead of a Primary Impactor?

While it is true the Jaw Crusher will create less fines (say, minus 3/16”), it also creates more plus 1-1/2” material to be crushed downstream at the secondary and tertiary stages. Regardless of the type of crushers used downstream, the amount of fines generated in those closed circuit operations will actually be greater than any increase caused by a primary impactor. 

How do the power consumption figures compare between Primary Impactors like the MaxCap and the VersaCap?

Since one employs an expansion chamber over the rotor and the other doesn’t, the MaxCap will perform at ½ hp per ton, while the VersaCap averages ¾ hp per ton. Electric motors will only draw as much power as the crusher needs. However, the theoretical difference in a 500,000-ton quarry or mine is about 90,000 kW/hours. That reflects only the primary crusher, not the added power it takes downstream to also recirculate 30% more rock through the secondary circuit.

Why do I see so many Impact Crushers in concrete recycling when the material is 100% abrasive?

Unlike sedimentary stone, e.g. limestone or sandstone, weathered concrete is very soft and friable. Most concrete pavement is less than 1,500 psi and pre-broken into slabs 2’ to 3’ square.  Due to the friability, they shatter quickly into particles 3” and smaller on the initial pass through the impactor. The hammer wear life tends to be far shorter due to the abrasion, but recirculating loads are minimal for base material. In the case of a mobile contractor, single crusher systems are far more economical when relocating on a regular basis. 

What is the main difference between the VersaCap P-Series and the R-series? Are they both primary impactors?

Yes, they are both primary impactors. In fact, the only real difference is the rotor assembly. The VersaCap P-Series is a primary impactor that accepts 30” boulders in quarried stone, and generates a nominal 6” minus. The VersaCap R-Series uses the same housing, but the rotor is designed specifically for large, highly-friable materials like concrete rubble. In the case of recycling concrete, the R-Series rotor is lighter in weight for portability, and the hammers are thinner, reducing the cost of spent hammers. 

Under what circumstances should I consider automation for adjusting an Impactor?

The MaxCap Primary Impactor comes standard with fingertip control. While not fully automated, it is designed to integrate into any programmable logic controller based system. As for the other impactors, the vast majority of operations will be fine with a simple shim adjustment, which requires no automation. However, the semi-automatic system on the VersaCap and NGS Impactors essentially requires only an electrical control over the hydraulic system, which would be running during operation. Once you find the right setting, and plan to stay consistent, you can add shims, and shut off the hydraulic power unit. If you are anticipating the need to change settings on a regular basis, the full automation system with PLC and touch screen is available and capable of being integrated.