LT105 COIL OD.02.12-01-30-OC, 24VDC | HP100 U-BOLT M10X80

McLanahan offers a wide selection of Impact Crushers for quarried limestone and semi-abrasive minerals. McLanahan draws from the 75 years of field experience with the Universal line of Impactors, which includes impact breakers and Andreas-style impactors. At present, we offer the New Holland-style primary impact breaker and the MaxCap X-Series Primary, providing a means to reduce quarry shot and ROM materials at rates exceeding 2,000 tph. We also offer VersaCap P-Series Impactors for heightened portability as a primary crusher. The VersaCap R-Series is also designed to accept large top size in highly friable materials, and will allow for single crusher reduction to 1-1/2” minus product. In the case of limestone and similar materials, we offer the NGS Impact Crusher as a secondary impactor, which is capable of producing construction grade aggregates or minerals of like size. These five lines of horizontal shaft impactors are available in multiple sizes to provide us the ability to offer the most appropriate crusher for your specific application. 

LT1065/LT1054L (Rev. I)

with pins 1, 6, and 7 (3, 12, and 13 S package) unconnected. The voltage losses may be higher in other configurations. Note 5: Output resistance is defined as the slope of the curve, (∆VOUT vs ∆IOUT), for output currents of 10mA to 100mA. This represents the linear portion of the curve. The incremental slope of the curve will be higher at

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Coils Valve Tube Outer Diameter Coil Type Wattage Diode 10 VDC 12 VDC 20 VDC 24 VDC 110 / 220 VAC D08 0.500 inch Standard 16 X X X X Internally Rectified D10 0.625 inch Standard 16 & 30 X X X X Internally Rectified M13 13 mm Standard 20 Unidirectional X X X X External Rectifier Needed M16 16 mm Standard 26 Unidirectional X X X X External ...

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25 Solenoid Coil 24VDC 5W 04983-175-02 10 шт Rexroth Катушка ... 706201861000 COIL OD.02.03-01.30-OC, 24VDC LT1100 0.170.

OD02360130OC00 - R901393577 COIL D36 24V DC DIN 43650

COIL D36 24V DC DIN 43650 ISO 4400 20W. Stock: * Valve component / Coil / DIN 43650 conn. Standard net price: login required Quantity: Offer request * It gives an idea about the availability. Green there's stock and availability, orange there's stock but we've to check the availability, red we don't have stock. ...


BOGVIK supplies a complete range of BOGVIK feeder pans and associated ... N02482164. COIL OD.02.12-01-30-OC, 24VDC. LT105. 0.180. N02482165.

Od02360130oc00 - R901393577 Coil D36 24v Dc Din 43650 Iso

OD02360130OC00 - R901393577 COIL D36 24V DC DIN 43650 ISO 4400 20W | Bosch Rexroth Edi System - Valve component / Coil / DIN 43650 conn.

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HP100 THRUST BRNG LOW cone crushers cedarapids mvp copper bushing z036 seal kit mcr05c380f180z-3x/a0m bosch re crusher copper casting amp bosch rexroth germany​

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N02154812, COOLER OK-P10S/1.0/M/C/1/IBP3 VOLT1, HP200, 120.000. N02405211, ADAPTER G202702-4-4S ... N02482164, COIL OD.02.12-01-30-OC, 24VDC, LT105, 0.180.

HP100 TRAMP RELEASE CYL c manual inner eccentric bushing s crushers impact crusher spares bridge port milling machine manual used rock crusher parts


Feb 07, 2001 · A9B10013798 Coil OD. REQUEST PRICE. I have read the datapolicy understand it and agree * Fields with * are required . Send For commercial customers only . Give us a call: +49 (0)40 - 9876 88 00 +49 (0)40 - 999 996 630. Menu ...

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N02482164 COIL OD.02.12-01-30-OC, 24VDC

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OC 24 DC 24.9 23 1.0 0.7 COIL S5 - CLASS H - 23 W OD.02.09 - X - Y - Z - 01 TECHNICAL DATA Weight: 0.47 kg (1.04 lbs) Heat insulation Class H: 180°C (356°F) Ambient temperature range: -30/+70°C (-22/+158°F) Inlet voltage fluctuations must not exceed ±10% of nominal voltage to obtain correct operation and long life coils.

OD.02.36-01-30-OC-00 24VDC KK

Kirjaudu verkkokauppaan. Yritys. Tunnusluvut; Aikajana; Nestepainetarina; Raimo Närhi -tarina; Ajankohtaista

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OD153105 OD153156 OD153256 OD.02.11-01.30-OC OP. OD150504 0-99.9%RH -40-123.8℃ MODEL:RAS CLASSH AC110V :OD1507183IS100 2WAY 24VDC ED15321817 2WAY 24VDC ED15311837 OD. with coils OD. with coils DL

parts in a crushing machine what are the outer bushing of crushers in ship jaw crusher parts and their functions

KELA REXROTH 24V OD.02.17-01.30-OC 24VDC KK

Valikoimastamme löydät varaosat useisiin auto- ja traktorimalleihin, sekä muita tarvikkeita mm. pienkoneisiin.

R987198704 • Coil OD 02.17-01.30-OC • OK Dźwigi

Currency Rate; Kupno: Sprzedaż: EUR: 4.4202: 4.5094: USD: 3.6115: 3.6845 *Tabela C NBP: EUR: 4.2662: 4.6588: USD: 3.4929: 3.8143 *BNP Paribas

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MM0347409 FUSE 5X20MM, 2A Z036 0.050 MM0347576 CONV BELT 1000MM ST1250 8:4 MOULDED EDGE Z220 0.000 MM0347592 305LS 610‑40‑35‑T60‑SLS25x57M TX407 5.800 MM0347605 LS‑S 295‑610‑40‑35‑T60‑SLS25x57M TX407 5.600

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Sep 17, 2021 · n02482164 coil od.02.12-01-30-oc, 24vdc lt105 0.180 N02482165 DIRECTIONAL VALVE 4WE6J6X/EG24N9K4 HP300 1.987 N02482166 DIRECTIONAL VALVE 4WE6HA6X/EG24N9K4, R9 HP300 1.450

HP100 TORCH RING HP100 cone crushers cedarapids mvp copper bushing sg5065 drive shaft assembly direct drive 1035g5 HP400 V-BELT 12XSPC 5730-BANDED drive shaft replacement cost

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OC 24 DC 24.9 23 1.0 0.7 COIL S5 - CLASS H - 23 W OD.02.09 - X - Y - Z - 01 TECHNICAL DATA Weight: 0.47 kg (1.04 lbs) Heat insulation Class H: 180°C (356°F) Ambient temperature range: -30/+70°C (-22/+158°F) Inlet voltage fluctuations must not exceed ±10% of nominal voltage to obtain correct operation and long life coils.

C160 MX Jaw Plate - Shanghai Bogvik Wear Material Co., Ltd

MM00952827 DISPLAY UNIT IC UPDATING DISPLAY LT105 0.000 ... MM0230900 COIL OD.02.17-01-30-OC, 24VDC LT200HP 0.180.

HP100 UNION ISO49-U12-1/2-ZN-A alliant turret milling machine copper parts hp500 v-belt, joined 3/8v3000, rma ip22 mrod air guns​ mitsuboshi belt size chart

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May 18, 2021 · 1086053730 washer 140mm od x 29mm id x 19mm thk hp700 2.300: 1086070155 washer 165mm od x 70mm id x 25mm thk hp700 3.400: 1086108756 backup ring 2.268x0.076", 8-331-n0300-9 sy7st 0.050: 1086109251 back up ring 2.625x3.000x0.094", 8-334, sy41/4st 0.100: 1086109877 washer 165mm od x 70mm id x 25mm(1.00") hp700 0.540

Coils and Electronic Controls

12VDC* 02-178824 02-178820 02-178818 02-178816 02-178826 02-178830 24VDC* 02-178825 02-178821 02-178819 02-178817 02-178827 02-178831 *With flyback diode. **DIN 43650 connector for “G’ style coil – 02-166796. For other voltages and connectors contact your Eaton representative. 8-20 W “P” Series Coils

Parts List 7-Parts List-HO-Casting

N02482164, COIL OD.02.12-01-30-OC, 24VDC, LT105, 0.180 ... N02495425, CIRCUIT BREAKER DT40N1P+N 10KA 4A C, 21, HP300, 0.100. N02495426, STARTER LD1-LC030F ...

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am trying to reduce my fines in a limestone quarry, should I use a Jaw Crusher instead of a Primary Impactor?

While it is true the Jaw Crusher will create less fines (say, minus 3/16”), it also creates more plus 1-1/2” material to be crushed downstream at the secondary and tertiary stages. Regardless of the type of crushers used downstream, the amount of fines generated in those closed circuit operations will actually be greater than any increase caused by a primary impactor. 

How do the power consumption figures compare between Primary Impactors like the MaxCap and the VersaCap?

Since one employs an expansion chamber over the rotor and the other doesn’t, the MaxCap will perform at ½ hp per ton, while the VersaCap averages ¾ hp per ton. Electric motors will only draw as much power as the crusher needs. However, the theoretical difference in a 500,000-ton quarry or mine is about 90,000 kW/hours. That reflects only the primary crusher, not the added power it takes downstream to also recirculate 30% more rock through the secondary circuit.

Why do I see so many Impact Crushers in concrete recycling when the material is 100% abrasive?

Unlike sedimentary stone, e.g. limestone or sandstone, weathered concrete is very soft and friable. Most concrete pavement is less than 1,500 psi and pre-broken into slabs 2’ to 3’ square.  Due to the friability, they shatter quickly into particles 3” and smaller on the initial pass through the impactor. The hammer wear life tends to be far shorter due to the abrasion, but recirculating loads are minimal for base material. In the case of a mobile contractor, single crusher systems are far more economical when relocating on a regular basis. 

What is the main difference between the VersaCap P-Series and the R-series? Are they both primary impactors?

Yes, they are both primary impactors. In fact, the only real difference is the rotor assembly. The VersaCap P-Series is a primary impactor that accepts 30” boulders in quarried stone, and generates a nominal 6” minus. The VersaCap R-Series uses the same housing, but the rotor is designed specifically for large, highly-friable materials like concrete rubble. In the case of recycling concrete, the R-Series rotor is lighter in weight for portability, and the hammers are thinner, reducing the cost of spent hammers. 

Under what circumstances should I consider automation for adjusting an Impactor?

The MaxCap Primary Impactor comes standard with fingertip control. While not fully automated, it is designed to integrate into any programmable logic controller based system. As for the other impactors, the vast majority of operations will be fine with a simple shim adjustment, which requires no automation. However, the semi-automatic system on the VersaCap and NGS Impactors essentially requires only an electrical control over the hydraulic system, which would be running during operation. Once you find the right setting, and plan to stay consistent, you can add shims, and shut off the hydraulic power unit. If you are anticipating the need to change settings on a regular basis, the full automation system with PLC and touch screen is available and capable of being integrated.